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Tips for Choosing Hair Color That Blends with Your Skin and Vibe|A Step by Step Guide to Selecting the Right Hair Color for Your Skin and Vibe|How to Identify the Right Hair Color that Suits Your Skin and Vibe
Did you know that around 75 percent of women dye their hair? If you want to spice up your hair color, don’t worry because we have got your back. Are you wondering how you would choose a hair color that is ideal for you and your style? In this guide we are going to find the perfect color. Continue reading the piece and understand more about the process.
A good place to start with you should ask yourself your skin tone? Don’t pick a hair color before determining if you have a warm or cool skin tone. Warm skin tones incline towards either the summer or autumn type. Nonetheless, cool skin tones will go for either spring or winter type. The three aspects: melanin, carotene, and hemoglobin will often determine the skin undertone. Skin overtone will vary depending on the illness, blood pressure or exposure to the sun.
For the winter skin tone type, it is characterized the following aspects. One of the characteristics is having fair and light skin. Additionally, you will find that the skin has pink undertones. Such skin tones don’t tan well. If you have this skin tone, you are likely to have dark or black hair. For this sort of skin tone, you will be okay with the color violet, violet-red or blue base. Ensure that you will want to get jewel-toned curls or jet black hair. Furthermore, you should find a dark-brown or platinum blonde. Some individuals would love getting dark violet to highlight green eyes. You will want to settle for copper-red, caramel, or golden-blonde dye.
Someone with spring skin tone can be identified through the following features. While this skin may be fair, it may be fair you can see undertones of either pink or yellow. Furthermore, it is followed by light blue, light green or a brighter hazel-brown color. If your eye color has falls under the darker zones, then you don’t have a spring skin tone. A majority of a spring-types tan more comfortable than winter-type individuals. The hair color is ash-blond or super blond. For this skin-type, go for colors with bases with blue, violet or green. Try avoiding any shades with a golden or orange base.
Autumn skin tone normally have eye colors that are golden-brown or hazel-green. Moreover, they will have glowing skin. They will have naturally dark brown hair. Furthermore, in case one is born with blonde hair, then you don’t have an autumn skin tone. Try hair colors with red undertones or orange bases.
You will want to consider your age when it comes to picking a hair color. The older you are, the darker the color you should pick. The secret is to settle for softer colors when you advance in age.